St Lucia National Cannabis Conference 2013 with stakeholders in Government and Private Sector

November 11th 2013

Members of the Cannabis Movement of St Lucia, held a National Cannabis Conference at the Veterinary Division Conference Room at the Ministry of Agriculture at Balata, Castries.

Doctors Gilbertha St. Rose, Marcus Day and Steven King gave presentations covering medical Cannabis, its benefits and uses in increasing quality of living for terminally or chronically ill patients as well as latest scientific research including new discoveries in Cannabis use as a prophylactic in immuno-compromised individuals. Concerns about THC induced psychosis were discussed as well as the anti-psychotic properties of cannabidiol (CBD).

Professor K’Nife offered us information for agricultural diversification and the economic need to focus on community building developments, sustainability and proper business practices through education and Cannabis industry.

There were also testimonials from an epilepsy sufferer who used Cannabis and eliminated his seizures without the need for harmful pharmaceutical drugs which compromised other aspects of his health.

The President of the Caribbean Rastafari Organisation spoke on the religious aspects of the Cannabis plant from the perspective of the Rasta and religious Community, outlining how their human rights are breached by anti-Cannabis laws.

Melanie Fraites created a timeline, highlighting significant events in human history with Cannabis starting 10,000 years ago and culminating in the global Cannabis news to date.

Chairman of the Cannabis Movement of St Lucia spoke about the racist origins of anti-Cannabis laws and the need to diversify agriculturally to be more self sustaining as a nation, as well as taking care of our environment and biodiversity.

After presentations, invited guests and presenters held discussions and shared ideas and information. Some felt that medical cannabis would be a good step forward whilst most believed that total legalisation alone will address all of the issues pertaining to the negative effects of Cannabis ie. criminalization of suppliers, access to unadulterated product for consumption, regulation and prevention of supply to minors, industrial potential and others.