Cannabis Movement

2018 Global Drug Survey.

Global Drug Survey (GDS), is the biggest survey of drug use patterns in the world. By sharing your experience, expertise and opinion you will help inform change – benefiting individuals, communities and Governments.

The survey is anonymous and confidential. To help us compare patterns of drug use across the world, we ask about your age, gender and your region.

“The War on Drugs” Reconsidered.

The United States’ reputation and credibility around the world is at an all-time low. Its bullying, its arrogance and its aggression have led to several disastrous wars in succession.

With all these American misadventures so prominent in people’s minds, it is easy to forget yet another war the United States has initiated and has been fighting for over 40 years.

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Take a Chronological Tour of the Industrial Hemp Initiative in St Lucia.

See how it all started, from the first letter sent out in 1998 to the Government of St Lucia proposing a test plot for hemp industry. Take a chronological tour with us, as we communicate with the government of South Africa under Nelson Mandela. Read More…

Cannabis Movement of St Lucia held a National Cannabis Conference on November 11 2013 with stakeholders in Government and the Private Sector.

Invited guests and presenters held discussions and shared ideas and information at a National Cannabis Conference held at the Veterinary Division Conference Room at the Ministry of Agriculture at Balata, Castries. Read more…

Cannabis Movement groups across the Caribbean engage public with information at “Walk for Cancer” events.

Representatives and members of the Cannabis Movement of St Lucia, on Sunday November 3rd 2013, greeted participants of the Yoplait Walk for Cancer at the finishing point outside the Pigeon Island Landmark with 500 informational flyers on “How cannabinoids kill cancer cells”. The flyers were welcomed by participants of all ages.

On October 26th, the Cannabis Movement in Trinidad and Tobago initiated this trend by distributing educational information to participants of the “Walk for Life” campaign run by the Cancer Society there. It was an outstanding success.

We are hoping to see similar initiatives with thousands of flyers being distributed in the near future, throughout CARICOM.